Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Top 5 Benefits of Home Exercise & Fitness

Study after study demonstrates the importance of exercise in living a healthy life. A good workout can keep your heart, joint, mind and waistline in great shape. Many people would love to work out more, but can’t find the time, don’t like their neighborhood gym or a variety of other reasons. One way to overcome some of the obstacles associated with working out is to exercise at home.

Have you been thinking about getting a home treadmill, recumbent exercise bicycle or even just some basic exercise gear? There are a number of reasons to exercise at home that this article will go over. Also, it’s important to remember that your home gym can be as grand or as simple as you wish. Some readers may be thinking about an entire exercise room with multiple cardio machines and free weights. Others may be thinking about a yoga mat and a medicine ball in their living room. This article applies to both situations and everything in-between.

1. Convenience
If your fitness space is in your own house, it's never too crowded, too far, or too dark to get a little exercise in. You never have to fight traffic or get a sitter if you are working out in your own home. Another great advantage of home workouts is that you can exercise at any hour of the day and never have to wait in line. While some gyms are open 24 hours, most do not accommodate light night energy bursts or holiday workouts.

2. Freedom
Another huge advantage of exercising in your own home is you set the rules. You can turn the music on as loud as you want or put the TV on any channel. You’re also able to watch workout videos to get extra instruction and motivation when working out. Additionally, most gyms have restrictions on bringing in a friend or a personal trainer that isn’t associated with the gym. Working out alone can be boring and less motivating, whereas having a buddy or trainer can keep you motivated and entertained.

3. Comfort
There’s no place like home. Whether people feel judged on their workout progress, overall look, sweat output or goofy workout clothes, a lot of people really don’t like working out in front of others. Others really like to work out to relieve stress and get away from everything. A crowded, stinky gym may not really be what you’re looking for. When working out at home, you can sweat and sing as much as you want! Not to mention, you can quickly jump in your own shower when you’re through. Say goodbye to awkward locker changing and forgetting your shampoo.

4. Save Money
Gym memberships range a great deal from city-to-city and gym-to-gym, but an average membership is usually around $35 a month plus an initiation fee. By exercising at home, you save $420 a year (excluding initiation fee) and $2100 over a 5 year period. Buying a bit of home workout equipment doesn’t look so bad anymore!

5. Climate Control
If you’ve ever been in a gym and thought, "that fan really could be spinning a bit faster" or if you’ve been on a January morning jog in your neighborhood and lost feeling in your toes, you can relate to this one. Working out at home allows you to control all the factors of your exercise space. Rain or shine, you can burn those calories!

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