Monday, October 28, 2013

Foam Rollers...Do they live up to the hype?

With all the new fitness crazes out there, lets look at one on the rise.

Foam Rollers..are they worth all the hype? Well, in my opinion...YES!

As we age, we tend to get "tight". Stretching helps keep our bodies flexible. When we are more flexible, we can move easier, and prevent injuries. A foam roller is a device that originated from the physical therapy world, and has crossed over into the fitness industry.

Think of it as a "rolling pin" for your muscles. As a rolling pin can eliminate air bubbles in dough, a foam roller can eliminate "knots" in the muscles. It can increase blood circulation to the areas of pain, and promote healing that much faster! Does it work? YES! It can cut your healing time in half!

After a good leg workout day my legs can be tight, and even with stretching feel sore. So I foam roll as well, and it makes me feel more limber. Investment is inexpensive. Prices ranging from $15 to $45. But well worth it!

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