Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fall Back Into Fitness!

Ah, the summer..So much fun! Taking those long summer days to head to the beach, that family cookout, or even that evening concert. All the while, munching and drinking ourselves into oblivion! The one thing we tend to lax on is fitness. Our workouts..our walks, our strength training, our group training sessions, spin classes, the cross fit routine, or even that home DVD that motivates you! (Thank you Tony Horton!) Yes, ALL OF THOSE THINGS fall by the wayside when summer hits.

Why is it we all go "gung ho" to get into that summer bathing suit, yet once in it, we forget to maintain those good habits? I'll tell you why, human nature. We work hard, but then there is a time to play. And play we do! But welcome to the fall, and with that comes a reality slap. Whoa..The holidays are coming! I think my pants shrunk! I never noticed THAT before! Now what? Time to dust off that elliptical, lubricate that treadmill, and tour your local health clubs. Fall is the perfect time to fall back into a fitness routine. Time to get the diet and nutrition habits back in check before the holidays roll around. A way to jump start on the New Year resolutions. Maybe you can knock off a few pounds before the holidays! Get yourself back to start by the time the New Year rolls around.

As a certified personal trainer, I have seen and heard it all. So no surprises! It is never too late to start! If you feel you may fit into the category of "lost fitness soul", don't worry, you are not alone! We are here to help you! Give us a visit, or a call, even visit our website @ and we will do our best to get you motivated and on your way!

About the Author: Laurie is a CPT at Fitness Equipment Estore which features New England’s largest showroom of commercial & home gym exercise equipment. The showroom and online store feature some of the industry’s best home gyms, commercial and home treadmills and more!