Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Holiday Season is Upon Us....Uh Oh!

The Holiday Season is now upon us. Are you ready? For all of it?

What a great time of year to spend with family and friends! To be social, and have fun reminiscing about past memories, and creating new ones! But it is not all rainbows and sprinkles is it?

The stress and the work of it all. The anxiety levels raise high, and we do it to ourselves.

So why is it the first thing we let fall to the wayside is our fitness regimen. Our workouts, all of a sudden we are way too busy to make it to that class, or that gym. Our diet, starts to hit the fan from Thanksgiving Eve to New Years. I mean come on. Why would we get back on the wagon, only to fall off next week, or the week after? Let's just keep rolling till January. Let's just add the 10-15 lb weight gain that becomes "average" among most individuals during this time period.

STOP THE CYCLE! We must! (laughing as I type this, but it is true!)

So many of us fall into the abyss of the holidays, only to start off the new year with added regret and added body fat!

So do yourself a favor, DON'T FALL INTO THE ABYSS! (Use that as your daily motivator)

Move..go to that class, find a good home routine to start. Use a DVD as inspiration! Make sure your back up piece of equipment at home, whether it be an elliptical, treadmill, or bike, is in good working condition. If not, take the time to make that stop into Fit Equipment Etc. to purchase something that will help you achieve your goals! Every day is a new beginning! So make sure to stay motivated and positive. If you fall, it is OK, you are not a failure! Just pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and hit it hard again the next day. Just don't fall down and never get up!

We are here for you! So now..there are NO EXCUSES!
About the Author: Laurie is a CPT at Fit Equipment Etc. Fit Equipment Etc. is New England’s largest showroom of fitness equipment. Fit Equipment Etc also has a wide selection of work out equipment for sale online. Offering the best home treadmill, elliptical cross trainers, exercise gear and more! Fit Equipment Etc can also supply you with everything you need to create your own home gym! Stop in, call or check out our website today! http://www.fitnessequipmentestore.com

Monday, October 28, 2013

Foam Rollers...Do they live up to the hype?

With all the new fitness crazes out there, lets look at one on the rise.

Foam Rollers..are they worth all the hype? Well, in my opinion...YES!

As we age, we tend to get "tight". Stretching helps keep our bodies flexible. When we are more flexible, we can move easier, and prevent injuries. A foam roller is a device that originated from the physical therapy world, and has crossed over into the fitness industry.

Think of it as a "rolling pin" for your muscles. As a rolling pin can eliminate air bubbles in dough, a foam roller can eliminate "knots" in the muscles. It can increase blood circulation to the areas of pain, and promote healing that much faster! Does it work? YES! It can cut your healing time in half!

After a good leg workout day my legs can be tight, and even with stretching feel sore. So I foam roll as well, and it makes me feel more limber. Investment is inexpensive. Prices ranging from $15 to $45. But well worth it!

Check them out here at Fit Equipment!

About the Author: Laurie is a CPT at Fit Equipment Etc. Fit Equipment Etc. is New England’s largest showroom of fitness equipment. Fit Equipment Etc also has a wide selection of work out equipment for sale online. Offering the best home treadmill, elliptical cross trainers, exercise gear and more!  Fit Equipment Etc can also supply you with everything you need to create your own home gym! Stop in, call or check out our website today! http://www.fitnessequipmentestore.com

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fall Back Into Fitness!

Ah, the summer..So much fun! Taking those long summer days to head to the beach, that family cookout, or even that evening concert. All the while, munching and drinking ourselves into oblivion! The one thing we tend to lax on is fitness. Our workouts..our walks, our strength training, our group training sessions, spin classes, the cross fit routine, or even that home DVD that motivates you! (Thank you Tony Horton!) Yes, ALL OF THOSE THINGS fall by the wayside when summer hits.

Why is it we all go "gung ho" to get into that summer bathing suit, yet once in it, we forget to maintain those good habits? I'll tell you why, human nature. We work hard, but then there is a time to play. And play we do! But welcome to the fall, and with that comes a reality slap. Whoa..The holidays are coming! I think my pants shrunk! I never noticed THAT before! Now what? Time to dust off that elliptical, lubricate that treadmill, and tour your local health clubs. Fall is the perfect time to fall back into a fitness routine. Time to get the diet and nutrition habits back in check before the holidays roll around. A way to jump start on the New Year resolutions. Maybe you can knock off a few pounds before the holidays! Get yourself back to start by the time the New Year rolls around.

As a certified personal trainer, I have seen and heard it all. So no surprises! It is never too late to start! If you feel you may fit into the category of "lost fitness soul", don't worry, you are not alone! We are here to help you! Give us a visit, or a call, even visit our website @ FitnessEquipmentEstore.com and we will do our best to get you motivated and on your way!

About the Author: Laurie is a CPT at Fitness Equipment Estore which features New England’s largest showroom of commercial & home gym exercise equipment. The showroom and online store feature some of the industry’s best home gyms, commercial and home treadmills and more!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013



The TRX Suspension Trainer is the original, best-in-class workout system that leverages gravity and your bodyweight to perform hundreds of exercises. You're in control of how much you want to challenge yourself on each exercise - because you can simply adjust your body position to add or decrease resistance.

The TRX Suspension Trainer: Delivers a fast, effective total-body workout Helps build a rock-solid core Increases muscular endurance Benefits people of all fitness levels (pro athletes to seniors) Can be set-up anywhere (gym, home, hotel or outside) By utilizing your own bodyweight, the TRX Suspension Trainer provides greater performance and functionality than large exercise machines costing thousands of dollars.

USED BY TRAINERS, ATHLETES AND THE U.S.MILITARY Thousands of people at all fitness levels now train on the TRX: From everyday people who just want to feel and look their best to some of the world's most elite athletes. The TRX is used routinely by all four branches of the military, and can be found in the locker rooms of: Major League Baseball teams National League Baseball teams UFC fighters Olympic-level cyclists, swimmers & runners

If you have never done suspension training, it is advised to take it slow.  Core strength is a must with this style of training.  If you have any back or joint issues, I would also advise to consult a physician before starting. Core strength will build, be patient and stick to it!

TRX Training bands/kits are sold at Fit Equipment Etc.  Come on in and pick one up today!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Looking for a different workout? The Helix is Here!

The New Helix is here at Fit Equipment ETC!

This is the newest technology in lateral training! And it is quite the workout!
The Helix offers you an incredible workout, at a fraction of the time!

The Helix delivers strength training-caliber results while blasting fat and calories. You or your members get the equivalent of a 60-minute workout in just 30 minutes.

The machine’s new “lateral figure 8” motion puts emphasis on the entire leg, 360 degrees, not just the front and back of the legs like other machines. This means incredible results for the glutes and the inner and outer thighs. And it’s the only cardio trainer that works the core!

Fantastic for the club or home, and here is why...

  • Very compact 3' x 4' footprint plus integrated wheels
  • Quiet and self-powered, no power source needed
  • Extensively tested for both efficiency and safety
  • Engineered for low-to-no maintenance

Key Points
  • Computer Handlebars1 Yr Labor 
  • 3 Yr Parts warranty
  • 8 Excercise programs
  • Polar compatible
  • Electronic resistance
  • LED Computer Monitor
  • 400 lb Weight capacity

So what are you waiting for?? Come on in to visit our showroom, and demo this baby today!Check out our website, click on the link for directions! Come on down today!

Fit Equipment Etc

243 Boston Turnpike
 Shrewsbury, MA  01545



Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer is here! Take your Workout to the Beach and Pool!

Summer is finally here! Enjoy every second, because we New Englanders know how quickly it flies by!

So should you feel guilty about not hitting the gym?  I say, NO!

Take that workout outside!  Hit the beach, hit the pool!  Go for those hikes with the kids, or without! Keep moving and have fun!

If you can make a gym workout 1X a week great!  If not, don't "sweat it".

Try to get some cardio in through walking or running.

Take the paddle board out, and work core!

So many ways to keep fit and enjoy your summer!

Try water aerobics, swim laps, deep lunges in water.  The resistance is the water!

At the beach, do walking lunges, squats, push ups, in the sand.  All these exercises can be done without equipment.

How about kettle bells?  Travel pretty easy.  Resistance bands are fantastic for travel!  Easy to carry and you may use different bands for different strengths and exercises!

Be creative!  Think "outside" the gym!  Small accessories are the best way to add a challenge.  Medicine balls, Wall/slam balls, jump ropes, ankle weights, hand held weights, all these things can help "change up" the boring indoor routines.

So GO! ENJOY your time in the sun!  Stay fit, and stay hydrated!!

About the Author: Laurie is a Certified Personal Trainer at Fit Equipment.  Fit Equipment Etc. is New England’s largest showroom of fitness equipment. Fit Equipment Etc also has a wide selection of work out equipment for sale online. Offering the best home treadmillselliptical cross trainersexercise gear and more, Fit Equipment Etc can supply you with everything you need to create your own home gym.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Inversion Tables..Shall We Stretch?

Inversion Tables...

Inversion tables have been around for quite some time, and some people swear by them.

They have helped people with back and neck issues.  Recommended by many Chiropractors, and Doctors alike, but are they worth the investment?

Well, let's run down some quick facts and try to help answer that question.

Inversion tables are designed to use gravity to relieve some of the pressure on the spine, which becomes compressed over time. The theory of inversion table use is that hanging upside down or at an angle where your head is lower than your feet will decompress the spine, which should relieve the pressure and pain

Some benefits in addition to back and neck pain are, joint pressure relief, improvements to your lymphatic system, increased blood circulation to the organs, and to even help maintain your height!  Yes, we do shrink up to 3/4 of an inch from morning until night because of gravity weighing on our spine daily!

It has been a great stress relief product for some.  They say it helps them "clear their heads" literally, and figuratively!  The blood flow to the head is a rush to say the least, and can impact people differently.

Inversion also helps provide care and blood flow to the discs, help achieve  functional fitness, flexibility, train core muscle groups without loading the spine, recover from high impact  workouts, and speed recovery time,  reduces pain in  overworked muscles, helps to  strengthen ligaments, helps provide balance training, and for therapy and depression.

As with any exercise program, I suggest you check with you doctor prior to investing.  If you have some health issues like hypertension, glaucoma, or heart disease, it could not be the product for you.

Teeter hang ups have been around for over 30 years, and are constantly updating their technology to make a reputable product. 

With many models and price ranges to choose from, do the research to make the right decision. 

I recommend trying them first, so come on down to Fit Equipment Etc and take a free demo today!

About the Author: Fit Equipment Etc. is New England’s largest showroom of fitness equipment. Fit Equipment Etc also has a wide selection of work out equipment for sale online. Offering the best home treadmills, elliptical cross trainers, exercise gear and more, Fit Equipment Etc can supply you with everything you need to create your own home gym.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Workout Routine and Vacation..Does it work?

Here is a question I hear all the time.

Should I try a workout routine while away on vacation?

Well here is my take, for what it is worth.

Are you going away for a week, month, or a summer? That is important!

To all my friends traveling for a week or less..HELL NO! You work hard, you deserve a break.  Go, enjoy what life has to offer! (Spoken from someone who knows!) 

We just returned from a 5 day trip to Mexico, and let me tell you, it was worth every extra calorie, and non rep!  Give the mind and body a chance to take a break!

However, keep in mind when you return, it is time to detox, and get back on that horse again!

If you do plan on going away for a longer period of time, then you must have a back up routine planned.  Bring some resistance bands, dumb bells, exerballs, kettle bells on your trip!  They can travel well.  Even check into a health club close by that may honor your existing memberships from clubs where you live.

Either way, you need to be smart about fitness and your health!  Take a moment to enjoy your down time! Focus on your mental health, as much as your physical health! Life is short so LIVE IT! And stay healthy!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Will Spring Ever Come to New England??!!

Spring, is this season just a myth?

Summer, flies by in a blink.  Fall, shows up for a couple weeks, feels like summer in the beginning, and then snows by Halloween.  Winter. WINTER goes on forever and ever!  For example, It's mid March with April knocking on our door.  Technically, Spring has almost arrived, by the calendar only!

Still not warm enough to take that workout routine outside.  So what does that mean for us?  Well, we are still hitting the gyms and home workout routines best we can, but something is missing.  That feeling you get when you can take that walk outside! The longer days, the warmer weather, the flowers and buds on the trees.  Hello? Has anyone seen them? I mean, I see sand, salt and dirty roads.  I see snow, but no grass, it is very hard to stay motivated.  I mean come on, we are 3 months away from bikini season? Are you ready?  (And no guys, I am not talking to you!) How do we keep it together without losing it all completely?

First idea, book a trip and head to warmer weather!  If you can't do that, then get some vitamin D the natural way! It will help believe me.  Then, revamp your workout routine.  It is time to change it up, and try new things to inspire you to launch into the spring/summer season.

Group classes, hire a trainer, invest in a quality treadmill, elliptical or gym for your home.  Think about how you can invest in yourself, by investing in your health.  That's my motto, and the one I stick by!

So hang in there, eventually this long winter will turn to spring.  Well for maybe a week, then turn to summer, but whatever the case, you will be ready for it!

This has been your "inspiration" to do so..

You are welcome!

If you need more, come visit us at Fit Equipment Etc, 243 Boston Turnpike, Shrewsbury, MA!

You will be glad you did!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Balls to the Walls!


Yep.  Let's talk balls!

Now stay with me, we are talking about balls to use in our fitness routines.

All kinds of balls. Large, small, hard, soft, weighted, and inflated. I kid you not!

You still with me?

Slam balls are weighted balls, larger in size, made to be slammed against the walls, or floor.  Used in cross fit, and boot camps world wide!  Varying in weights from 4-20 lbs, they are very durable! Dynamax and Troy make fantastic versions of slam balls.

Medicine Balls are also weighted balls, resembling basketballs.  Used in many exercises from squats, to thrusts, and abdominal work. Also varying in weights and sizes, from 4-25 lbs.  Cap and Valeo are a few manufacturers.

Body Balls, also called Stability Balls are very popular as well.  These can be used in place of chairs, or even benches!  Planking on body balls requires core strength and balance.  Add dumb bells to these exercises and you have yourself a workout!  Sold in various sizes to accommodate different heights.  55cm (from 4'8"-5'3"), 65cm (5'4-5'10"") and 75cm (5'10"-6'4").

Soft Mini Xerball (Weighted Balls) are soft, weighted mini medicine balls.  They provide a unique strength conditioning alternative. Durable, 4-inch sand filled balls fit comfortably in the palm of your hand.  Also vary in weight, from 4-8 lbs.  Spri is a manufacturer of these products.

And there you have it folks!  For all your fitness ball needs, check out our website store, or come on down to Fit Equipment Etc. We got you covered!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Let's Talk Spin!

Spin Bikes, how much fun are they?

The craze has been around for a few years now, and people STILL love to do it!

Spinning can be an incredible workout, depending on how much YOU decide to put into it.  Like anything else, you can go easy, or go hard, or just go home!

The Spin Bike was designed to be as close to a real cyclist bike as you can get, without leaving your living room or class.  The seat design is an exact replica of your cyclist bike.  So comfort is not it's strong point, however the ability to get in and out of the "saddle" makes it a true workout!  With the turn of a knob, the resistance is increased or decreased to work in the level you decide.  With a strong work ethic, you can easily expend 500 calories in a half hour session!  Need some more convincing?

The top ten reasons to spin:

#1 Spinning workouts can improve your body’s fat burning capability.
#2 Spinning workouts can help you build lean muscle groups.
#3 Improved cardio endurance is the key benefit of spinning workouts.
#4 Spinning workouts can improve posture.
#5 Performing exercises with a spinning bike could target multiple muscles at a time.
#6 Spinning workouts can supercharge your over-all level of fitness.
#7 Spinning workouts can be one of your most beneficial workouts.
#8 Spinning workouts are low impact on your joints.
#9 Spinning uses large muscular tissues in your hip and legs.
#10 Spinning workouts can track miles, calories and time. (with added computers)

      Here at Fit Equipment Etc, we offer Spin Bikes from different     manufacturers.  Whether you decide to                     go with the original and creator of Spin, Johnny G spinners, Waters Spin, (uses a belt instead of                     chain, so it is very quiet), Body Solid, Schwinn, Spirit, and Xterra.  We got them all!

     So check out our website, www.fitnessequipmentestore.com or come down for a demo workout at our        store location, 243 Boston Turnpike, Shrewsbury, Ma  01545.  Any questions, feel free to call us at 508-756-6774!

Now let's get spinning!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Get a Small Behind for Your Valentine!

Ok Ladies, (and gents) Let's talk about the largest muscle in your body!

Known by many names; Gluteus Maximus, Glutes, buttocks, butt, derriere, tushy, the junk trunk, really I can go on all day!

How to get that booty in shape so it is noticed? And I don't mean because it walks in the door 10 minutes after you do, or requires double door openings.  I mean, how do we get it to be in a shape that we can love and appreciate? HARD WORK PEOPLE!

But, (see what I did there) with dedication and a few exercises, we can get you to love your "rump" so much more!

Where to start? How about squats? The best exercise to work this area.  Using free weights, dumb bells, kettle bells, bars, and bands.  Use a rack or without, up to you! At the gym, or at home, you can work it as hard as you want to.  Lunges, also are a fantastic exercise to strengthen and tone.  Walking or stationery, it is a killer if your form is correct!

Use a body ball, or stability ball for hamstring curls, or even wall squats. 

We can not forget the "elephant" in the room, that of course being DIET.  Your eating habits are crucial to achieving success!

Give yourself two weeks, TWO WEEKS to see a big difference! I promise, you will love your new buttocks, and so will your Valentine! Happy Valentines Day from all of us a Fit Equipment Etc!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

I Love Working With Dumb Bells All Day!

Now this can be taken a couple ways, and they all apply to me!

Dumb bells are an important part of my routine.  I just love the guys I work with!

NO...I don't mean them, I do mean in training.  And YES, they are a great part of the workout!

There are so many shapes and styles to choose from.  Hexagon, round, square, which shape? Cast iron, rubber coated, neoprene, vinyl, which material? Should you buy sets, or invest in the dumb bell select systems?  Well we have a bunch to choose from there too.  Bow flex, Power Blocks, Iron Master and Rocket Lock just to name a few.  Is it really this difficult of a decision?

Well no.  Actually, you need to find out what is most comfortable for you.  You need to take a few things into consideration.  How much space do you have? You may need a rack to keep all the dumb bells off your floor and save your family from toe injuries.  If space is an issue, then I suggest a selectorized dumb bell system.  I have the Power Block system, and it is great for travel and a space saver for sure!

The contour of the handles, how do they feel when you hold them? Like the look of cast iron, or chrome?  We are here to help you decide what you may require or need.  Budget friendly as well,  cast iron is the cheaper alternative.  Rubber coating over cast iron can be a bit more pricey due to the cost of rubber increasing, so that may play a factor as well.  Once all these factors are taken into consideration, you can best make a purchase based on your needs and wants.

The use of dumb bells is crucial to improving strength in each arm independently.  We all have a more dominant side, training with dumb bells help the "weaker" side keep up with the more prominent.  It is a proven fact!  You can also challenge yourself with different weights for different exercises per body part.  In conclusion, dumb bells are a great little investment to make any home gym more complete! Easy to use, convenient, versatile and really budget friendly! So come on down to Fit Equipment Etc. and let us help you!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Year, New Routine? What to do?

Well it is finally here!

The New Year! 2013, will it finally be the year to get your rear in shape?

Where do you start? Easy, if you fell off the wagon, time to start again.  One day at a time.
If you are a "regular", but need some new motivation, What should you do?

With so many workout fads out there, really you can just pick one! We all want results, and want them fast.  We think we can undo months of bad habits in 6 easy workouts just 10 minutes a day!  Funny how that works, but that's the world we live in!

If you ask me, I am "old school". 
With all the classes from group training, to Cross Fit, Les Mills, P90X, P90X2, the list can be endless..so stop the "Insanity"! (Did you see what I did there? Clever aren't I?)

I guess the point is this, what ever you decide to do, just MOVE! Get back into a routine of health! But most importantly, be CONSISTENT!  Whether you train at home, or at any of the $10 fitness clubs popping up all over the nation, stay strict with your routine and motivation!

If you need some ideas, or pointers on how to establish a gym, or a workout area at home, come on down to Fit Equipment Etc and let us help you!

We look forward to a fantastic year ahead! Here is to the new and improved YOU!