Thursday, February 7, 2013

Get a Small Behind for Your Valentine!

Ok Ladies, (and gents) Let's talk about the largest muscle in your body!

Known by many names; Gluteus Maximus, Glutes, buttocks, butt, derriere, tushy, the junk trunk, really I can go on all day!

How to get that booty in shape so it is noticed? And I don't mean because it walks in the door 10 minutes after you do, or requires double door openings.  I mean, how do we get it to be in a shape that we can love and appreciate? HARD WORK PEOPLE!

But, (see what I did there) with dedication and a few exercises, we can get you to love your "rump" so much more!

Where to start? How about squats? The best exercise to work this area.  Using free weights, dumb bells, kettle bells, bars, and bands.  Use a rack or without, up to you! At the gym, or at home, you can work it as hard as you want to.  Lunges, also are a fantastic exercise to strengthen and tone.  Walking or stationery, it is a killer if your form is correct!

Use a body ball, or stability ball for hamstring curls, or even wall squats. 

We can not forget the "elephant" in the room, that of course being DIET.  Your eating habits are crucial to achieving success!

Give yourself two weeks, TWO WEEKS to see a big difference! I promise, you will love your new buttocks, and so will your Valentine! Happy Valentines Day from all of us a Fit Equipment Etc!

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