Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Will Spring Ever Come to New England??!!

Spring, is this season just a myth?

Summer, flies by in a blink.  Fall, shows up for a couple weeks, feels like summer in the beginning, and then snows by Halloween.  Winter. WINTER goes on forever and ever!  For example, It's mid March with April knocking on our door.  Technically, Spring has almost arrived, by the calendar only!

Still not warm enough to take that workout routine outside.  So what does that mean for us?  Well, we are still hitting the gyms and home workout routines best we can, but something is missing.  That feeling you get when you can take that walk outside! The longer days, the warmer weather, the flowers and buds on the trees.  Hello? Has anyone seen them? I mean, I see sand, salt and dirty roads.  I see snow, but no grass, it is very hard to stay motivated.  I mean come on, we are 3 months away from bikini season? Are you ready?  (And no guys, I am not talking to you!) How do we keep it together without losing it all completely?

First idea, book a trip and head to warmer weather!  If you can't do that, then get some vitamin D the natural way! It will help believe me.  Then, revamp your workout routine.  It is time to change it up, and try new things to inspire you to launch into the spring/summer season.

Group classes, hire a trainer, invest in a quality treadmill, elliptical or gym for your home.  Think about how you can invest in yourself, by investing in your health.  That's my motto, and the one I stick by!

So hang in there, eventually this long winter will turn to spring.  Well for maybe a week, then turn to summer, but whatever the case, you will be ready for it!

This has been your "inspiration" to do so..

You are welcome!

If you need more, come visit us at Fit Equipment Etc, 243 Boston Turnpike, Shrewsbury, MA!

You will be glad you did!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Balls to the Walls!


Yep.  Let's talk balls!

Now stay with me, we are talking about balls to use in our fitness routines.

All kinds of balls. Large, small, hard, soft, weighted, and inflated. I kid you not!

You still with me?

Slam balls are weighted balls, larger in size, made to be slammed against the walls, or floor.  Used in cross fit, and boot camps world wide!  Varying in weights from 4-20 lbs, they are very durable! Dynamax and Troy make fantastic versions of slam balls.

Medicine Balls are also weighted balls, resembling basketballs.  Used in many exercises from squats, to thrusts, and abdominal work. Also varying in weights and sizes, from 4-25 lbs.  Cap and Valeo are a few manufacturers.

Body Balls, also called Stability Balls are very popular as well.  These can be used in place of chairs, or even benches!  Planking on body balls requires core strength and balance.  Add dumb bells to these exercises and you have yourself a workout!  Sold in various sizes to accommodate different heights.  55cm (from 4'8"-5'3"), 65cm (5'4-5'10"") and 75cm (5'10"-6'4").

Soft Mini Xerball (Weighted Balls) are soft, weighted mini medicine balls.  They provide a unique strength conditioning alternative. Durable, 4-inch sand filled balls fit comfortably in the palm of your hand.  Also vary in weight, from 4-8 lbs.  Spri is a manufacturer of these products.

And there you have it folks!  For all your fitness ball needs, check out our website store, or come on down to Fit Equipment Etc. We got you covered!