Monday, February 18, 2013

Let's Talk Spin!

Spin Bikes, how much fun are they?

The craze has been around for a few years now, and people STILL love to do it!

Spinning can be an incredible workout, depending on how much YOU decide to put into it.  Like anything else, you can go easy, or go hard, or just go home!

The Spin Bike was designed to be as close to a real cyclist bike as you can get, without leaving your living room or class.  The seat design is an exact replica of your cyclist bike.  So comfort is not it's strong point, however the ability to get in and out of the "saddle" makes it a true workout!  With the turn of a knob, the resistance is increased or decreased to work in the level you decide.  With a strong work ethic, you can easily expend 500 calories in a half hour session!  Need some more convincing?

The top ten reasons to spin:

#1 Spinning workouts can improve your body’s fat burning capability.
#2 Spinning workouts can help you build lean muscle groups.
#3 Improved cardio endurance is the key benefit of spinning workouts.
#4 Spinning workouts can improve posture.
#5 Performing exercises with a spinning bike could target multiple muscles at a time.
#6 Spinning workouts can supercharge your over-all level of fitness.
#7 Spinning workouts can be one of your most beneficial workouts.
#8 Spinning workouts are low impact on your joints.
#9 Spinning uses large muscular tissues in your hip and legs.
#10 Spinning workouts can track miles, calories and time. (with added computers)

      Here at Fit Equipment Etc, we offer Spin Bikes from different     manufacturers.  Whether you decide to                     go with the original and creator of Spin, Johnny G spinners, Waters Spin, (uses a belt instead of                     chain, so it is very quiet), Body Solid, Schwinn, Spirit, and Xterra.  We got them all!

     So check out our website, or come down for a demo workout at our        store location, 243 Boston Turnpike, Shrewsbury, Ma  01545.  Any questions, feel free to call us at 508-756-6774!

Now let's get spinning!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Get a Small Behind for Your Valentine!

Ok Ladies, (and gents) Let's talk about the largest muscle in your body!

Known by many names; Gluteus Maximus, Glutes, buttocks, butt, derriere, tushy, the junk trunk, really I can go on all day!

How to get that booty in shape so it is noticed? And I don't mean because it walks in the door 10 minutes after you do, or requires double door openings.  I mean, how do we get it to be in a shape that we can love and appreciate? HARD WORK PEOPLE!

But, (see what I did there) with dedication and a few exercises, we can get you to love your "rump" so much more!

Where to start? How about squats? The best exercise to work this area.  Using free weights, dumb bells, kettle bells, bars, and bands.  Use a rack or without, up to you! At the gym, or at home, you can work it as hard as you want to.  Lunges, also are a fantastic exercise to strengthen and tone.  Walking or stationery, it is a killer if your form is correct!

Use a body ball, or stability ball for hamstring curls, or even wall squats. 

We can not forget the "elephant" in the room, that of course being DIET.  Your eating habits are crucial to achieving success!

Give yourself two weeks, TWO WEEKS to see a big difference! I promise, you will love your new buttocks, and so will your Valentine! Happy Valentines Day from all of us a Fit Equipment Etc!