Thursday, January 17, 2013

I Love Working With Dumb Bells All Day!

Now this can be taken a couple ways, and they all apply to me!

Dumb bells are an important part of my routine.  I just love the guys I work with!

NO...I don't mean them, I do mean in training.  And YES, they are a great part of the workout!

There are so many shapes and styles to choose from.  Hexagon, round, square, which shape? Cast iron, rubber coated, neoprene, vinyl, which material? Should you buy sets, or invest in the dumb bell select systems?  Well we have a bunch to choose from there too.  Bow flex, Power Blocks, Iron Master and Rocket Lock just to name a few.  Is it really this difficult of a decision?

Well no.  Actually, you need to find out what is most comfortable for you.  You need to take a few things into consideration.  How much space do you have? You may need a rack to keep all the dumb bells off your floor and save your family from toe injuries.  If space is an issue, then I suggest a selectorized dumb bell system.  I have the Power Block system, and it is great for travel and a space saver for sure!

The contour of the handles, how do they feel when you hold them? Like the look of cast iron, or chrome?  We are here to help you decide what you may require or need.  Budget friendly as well,  cast iron is the cheaper alternative.  Rubber coating over cast iron can be a bit more pricey due to the cost of rubber increasing, so that may play a factor as well.  Once all these factors are taken into consideration, you can best make a purchase based on your needs and wants.

The use of dumb bells is crucial to improving strength in each arm independently.  We all have a more dominant side, training with dumb bells help the "weaker" side keep up with the more prominent.  It is a proven fact!  You can also challenge yourself with different weights for different exercises per body part.  In conclusion, dumb bells are a great little investment to make any home gym more complete! Easy to use, convenient, versatile and really budget friendly! So come on down to Fit Equipment Etc. and let us help you!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Year, New Routine? What to do?

Well it is finally here!

The New Year! 2013, will it finally be the year to get your rear in shape?

Where do you start? Easy, if you fell off the wagon, time to start again.  One day at a time.
If you are a "regular", but need some new motivation, What should you do?

With so many workout fads out there, really you can just pick one! We all want results, and want them fast.  We think we can undo months of bad habits in 6 easy workouts just 10 minutes a day!  Funny how that works, but that's the world we live in!

If you ask me, I am "old school". 
With all the classes from group training, to Cross Fit, Les Mills, P90X, P90X2, the list can be stop the "Insanity"! (Did you see what I did there? Clever aren't I?)

I guess the point is this, what ever you decide to do, just MOVE! Get back into a routine of health! But most importantly, be CONSISTENT!  Whether you train at home, or at any of the $10 fitness clubs popping up all over the nation, stay strict with your routine and motivation!

If you need some ideas, or pointers on how to establish a gym, or a workout area at home, come on down to Fit Equipment Etc and let us help you!

We look forward to a fantastic year ahead! Here is to the new and improved YOU!