Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer is here! Take your Workout to the Beach and Pool!

Summer is finally here! Enjoy every second, because we New Englanders know how quickly it flies by!

So should you feel guilty about not hitting the gym?  I say, NO!

Take that workout outside!  Hit the beach, hit the pool!  Go for those hikes with the kids, or without! Keep moving and have fun!

If you can make a gym workout 1X a week great!  If not, don't "sweat it".

Try to get some cardio in through walking or running.

Take the paddle board out, and work core!

So many ways to keep fit and enjoy your summer!

Try water aerobics, swim laps, deep lunges in water.  The resistance is the water!

At the beach, do walking lunges, squats, push ups, in the sand.  All these exercises can be done without equipment.

How about kettle bells?  Travel pretty easy.  Resistance bands are fantastic for travel!  Easy to carry and you may use different bands for different strengths and exercises!

Be creative!  Think "outside" the gym!  Small accessories are the best way to add a challenge.  Medicine balls, Wall/slam balls, jump ropes, ankle weights, hand held weights, all these things can help "change up" the boring indoor routines.

So GO! ENJOY your time in the sun!  Stay fit, and stay hydrated!!

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