Thursday, May 23, 2013

Inversion Tables..Shall We Stretch?

Inversion Tables...

Inversion tables have been around for quite some time, and some people swear by them.

They have helped people with back and neck issues.  Recommended by many Chiropractors, and Doctors alike, but are they worth the investment?

Well, let's run down some quick facts and try to help answer that question.

Inversion tables are designed to use gravity to relieve some of the pressure on the spine, which becomes compressed over time. The theory of inversion table use is that hanging upside down or at an angle where your head is lower than your feet will decompress the spine, which should relieve the pressure and pain

Some benefits in addition to back and neck pain are, joint pressure relief, improvements to your lymphatic system, increased blood circulation to the organs, and to even help maintain your height!  Yes, we do shrink up to 3/4 of an inch from morning until night because of gravity weighing on our spine daily!

It has been a great stress relief product for some.  They say it helps them "clear their heads" literally, and figuratively!  The blood flow to the head is a rush to say the least, and can impact people differently.

Inversion also helps provide care and blood flow to the discs, help achieve  functional fitness, flexibility, train core muscle groups without loading the spine, recover from high impact  workouts, and speed recovery time,  reduces pain in  overworked muscles, helps to  strengthen ligaments, helps provide balance training, and for therapy and depression.

As with any exercise program, I suggest you check with you doctor prior to investing.  If you have some health issues like hypertension, glaucoma, or heart disease, it could not be the product for you.

Teeter hang ups have been around for over 30 years, and are constantly updating their technology to make a reputable product. 

With many models and price ranges to choose from, do the research to make the right decision. 

I recommend trying them first, so come on down to Fit Equipment Etc and take a free demo today!

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  1. Inversion table is very effective to recover lower back pain. I've had lower back pain last year for long time and after suffering long time I decided to go for Ironman inversion table and it actually helped to reduce my lower back pain properly. So far no issue facing at all!! Thanks.

  2. Thank you for your response Paul! Yes, Inversion Tables are highly recommended from many top chiropractors as an excellent way to keep pain away! Thank you for your testimonial and input!

  3. I've had lower back pain last year for long time and after suffering long time I decided to go for Ironman inversion table and it actually helped to reduce my lower back pain properly.

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