Saturday, May 5, 2012

Q: Why buy from a Specialty Fitness Equipment Store?
A: First and foremost, it is what they do! More than likely, you want something that isn't junky like at a sporting good store and at the same time, you do not want to break the bank.
Well, would you go to the grocery store to purchase tires for your car? Or would you buy your computer at your local drug store?
Fitness equipment is a specialized product. When it comes to treadmills, ellipticals, home gyms, exercise bikes or fitness gear the more chances are you need proper advice. Why not visit someone that knows this in their sleep?
By all means prepare yourself, bring web pages into the store and ask questions!
Sporting goods stores carry the low end stuff. They are of poor quality, rather pricey for what you are getting and you have a very limited selection of machines. Remember this: the person who makes their decision on what to sell basis it on a spreadsheet and where they make more money. I would wager they never stepped foot on the machines or know anything at all about them!
Making any buying decision can be a daunting one. If you go on-line you will find so many websites that make claims about certain brands that they happen to sell and claim how good they are. But those sites are basically that, only websites, without a sales floor or office.
Many even make a sale and email the manufacturer to drop ship to your house. You buy this way? More than likely you will be sorry!
As we see more Internet ripoffs we are aware that this leaves a black mark in the fitness market. We don't want customers to have a bad experience trying to choose a fitness machine. Only a SPECIALTY FITNESS dealer can help you choose the proper machine and more importantly, explain why! None of our staff work on commission!
Isn't it more expensive?
Contrary to popular belief it is not more expensive to visit your local fitness dealer. You not only will find that they have what you are looking for, the price point, but you will also get the proper recommendation. This way you will not be paying $800.00 for a hunk of junk. Be smart about your buying decision, buy properly. Specialty stores have the same levels of pricing you will find from those supposed expert websites which are nothing more than a guy at home with a slick site that works on commission. It will not be more money and it will certainly be less headaches.
In most cases we pay the same or even less than BIG BOX Sports and only a Specialty Fitness dealer has the BEST inexpensive lines, from the quality manufacturers that make the best products.
We always recommend that if you are serious about buying the right exercise or fitness equipment at the best value, then to buy at a Specialty Fitness dealer. (Even if it is not us!) SPECIALTY does not mean expensive! We are here to advise and help you make the proper decision.
The truth about fitness machines
They break down. Yes this is the truth that no one wants to admit. There will be a service call in your warranty period. When you shop at New England's Largest and top retailer of fitness Equipment, you call them and they take care of the problem. You do not have to deal with the manufacturer or an e-mail address to rectify an issue. Fit Equipment Etc and FitnessEquipmentEstore have been around for over twenty years. They will know what and how to repair the problem. Talk about peace of mind! Fit Equipment Etc. offers the lowest prices, the biggest selection and does their own repair and delivery! (What else could you ask for!)

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