Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Merry Fitness and Happy New Rear!

Whew! Thanksgiving is behind us..

Did those low fat pies lead to high fat thighs? Let's hope not!

However, we may have dodged one bullet, still two more to go!

Christmas and New Years! Hence our favorite slogan of the year...MERRY FITNESS AND HAPPY NEW REAR!

We in the fitness industry love this saying.  It makes you chuckle, but it is what we all really want from Santa.

So how do you get fit, and a great behind..lots of hard work my friends!

Stay focused, stay consistent, and keep up with your routines!

A great piece of cardio is important to have as a back up in your home.  A treadmill, great for a casual stroll, or brisk walk, even an all out run.  Bad knees? How about an elliptical.  No shock impact on your joints.  Elevated off the floor, you are able to get a full body workout in less time!  Vertically challenged, how about a recumbent bike.  Great piece for knee replacements/injuries or back issues.  You work at a reclining angle working the eccentric muscles in your legs.

We at Fit Equipment Etc have all these and so much more!  Come by and visit us here for a fun filled shopping experience.  We not only have quality merchandise, but a fantastic staff (with incredible personalities) to make your experience a positive one!  Not just fun, but educational as well!

Don't put off investing in a great back up piece to add to your home.  When you can't get to the club, there is no excuse not to get your workout in!

Then hit the lunges, squats and stairs to work those glutes! And then, the Happy New Rear!

Best Wishes for a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season!

From all of us fun-filled staff at Fit Equipment Etc!~

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