Saturday, November 3, 2012

Kettlebell Training

Kettlebell Training

Kettlebell training is a great way to get yourself into amazing cardiovascular shape. It helps you to build muscle, while at the same time burning off fat. Only gaining attention in the Western world within the last few years, Kettlebell Training has long been a popular way for Russians. 

Kettlebells originated in Russia back in the 18th century.  Resembling a cannon ball with a handle attached, it was used to help train the Russian military and athletes, and keep them in shape.

There are many benefits of Kettlebell Training. Some of these include: building lean muscle, increased stamina, higher levels of agility, and increased strength.  Kettlebell Training allows the user to get an intense workout!

There are a variety of ways to use this piece of equipment.  In place of ordinary dumb bells for many body parts including shoulders, chest, back, biceps, legs, etc.  Also, a routine designed specifically for the kettlebell and its variety of exercises. Cleans, Presses, Squats, Jerks and of course The Turkish Get Up, which is a very complicated, and skilled move.  It can be very hard core, and challenging.  Proper form and use of this device can really catapult you, when a routine becomes boring and repetitive.

So what are you waiting for? Challenge yourself to try a kettlebell! Various sizes, ranging from 2.5 lbs-100lbs+, and measured in either pounds or KG's find the size right for you, and get to work!

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