Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Why Add Resistance Bands To Your Training?

With so many options out there for training, why consider adding something like resistance bands?

Well for many reasons.  One of the most popular would be how versatile they can be.  They travel well and are easily portable, but they offer you a different feel than free weight training alone. 

Resistance bands can help improve your flexibility.  Something we tend to lose as we age.  Flexibility is crucial to preventing injury.  Improving free range of motion is also important. 

Muscle fibers are activated, as well as the amount of force, comparable to free weight training.  Personally, when doing a home routine, it is a great way to "change up" the exercises.  From dumb bells, to bands, and back, offers some muscle confusion, and variety as well.

Price.  Resistance bands are a very minimal investment.  With prices ranging from $7.99 and up, how can you say NO to these clever little inventions!

My advice, stay with the same company for all various resistances.  This way you may gage your progress correctly.  If you jump to different manufacturers, they may offer different resistances.  Not all companies are alike.  Spri and Valeo offer some great bands with handles, and even rings to challenge you.

For a demonstration, or more information, come visit us at Fit Equipment Etc, 243 Boston Turnpike, Shrewsbury, Ma! 

We are always here to help, and get you on the right path to healthy!

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